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Saturday, July 5, 2008


Netflix profiles

My favorite blog right now is The Consumerist, which features a nice combination of consumer news and customer service tales of woe.

One of the stories they covered this week was Netflix's decision to remove its customer profiles feature, presumably to help simplify the site and free up more room for new features. Profiles are used only by a small portion of Netflix users, so it seemed like a good decision.

The problem is, for that small portion of users, profiles were central to their Netflix experience. They allowed husbands and wives and kids to maintain separate queues within the same account, managing their DVDs independently. Enough of them wrote and called Netflix that the company reversed and is now keeping profiles.

Like many Consumerist posts, the comments are quite interesting. Kudos to Netflix for listening to customers. For the rest of us in the ecommerce world, it's a reminder that the numbers aren't the whole story when we're trying to evaluate whether a feature stays or goes.


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