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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Whatever happened to the hamster dance?

A co-worker and I got into a discussion the other day that somehow ranged into the hamster dance, which I can't say has crossed my mind in many, many years.

Out of curiosity, I went to hamsterdance.com to see what had become of one of the best pointless Internet phenomena ever. Gone is the tinny audio and goofy animated gifs. Instead it's all techno and merchandise. How sad. I went to the "Hamster Classics" section to see if I could find the old dance. But the original dance was definitely lacking the full cheesy audio. Even years later I can still remember there was far more to the song.

Attempts to find the original version via Google first led me to this technofied version which at least had the original gifs. A little further down in the results, though, were several versions of the original original. Pure, unadulterated, pointless hamster dance. Sometimes, that's just the way the Internet should be.


posted by Carrie G  # 7:34 PM