Samples of my work from my seven-plus years experience in online and electronic media.

Download my resume (PDF)


Future wireframes (PDF)
Future designs (PDF)
This is an interim version of my portfolio as I brush a little rust off of my Flash skills to work on a more interactive version. Check out these wireframes and designs for the site to see what I've got planned. (Marriott International)

My Marriott Rewards Account
Part of a series of screenshots from one of the largest projects I've worked on at Marriott, improvements to My Marriott Rewards Account. These screenshots are from my own personal account, and some information has been screened out. I was responsible for the information architecture for this and the other screenshots shown here.

Upcoming Reservations
This page, Upcoming Reservations, was one of my favorites to do the IA on. We took an existing, fairly standard list of reservations, and added useful information aggregated from other areas of the site, including destination, hotel, and weather information.

Trip Planner
The Trip Planner page from within My Marriott Rewards Account. This page, added with the project, gave the user a place to access and make reservations at their saved hotels and travel interests. Saved hotels can be added in various locations throughout the site.

Sign In
One view of the sign in on I've done extensive work with sign in and user accounts on the site. (Gannett Company, Inc.)

ACL surgery explained
One of a number of Flash interactives I did at the Cincinnati Enquirer. This one involved a lot of video editing of a subject that made me a little squeamish.

Xavier's defense explained
This piece involved synching up reporter Dustin Dow's commentary with the video, and finding a way to do the overlays pointing out what Dow is talking about.

2nd Congressional District by county
A number of the Flash pieces I did dealt with maps, and I've always been fascinated by how maps can, in some cases, make information so much clearer. This graphic was XML-fed to make for faster updates on election night.

Enquirer elections section wireframes (PDF)
Enquirer elections section screenshot
I did the information architecture, design, and template coding for this page to capture all of the newspaper's elections coverage.

Multimedia page wireframes
Multimedia page screenshot
I did the information architecture, design, and template coding for this page, as well. My goal was to use thumbnails and the columnar format to create a page that was easy to scan, and provided a way for the user discover to multimedia pieces he hadn't yet viewed.

Information Architecture and Knowledge Management Master's program

Master's project report (PDF)
For my Master's project, I delved deep into XML to figure out how to convert proprietary files from the Los Angeles Times' system into a format that could be repurposed across other media.

Site map (PDF)
Usability script for test A
Usability script for test B1
Usability script for test B2
Usability script for test C
Report for test A
Report for test B
Group report for test B
One of my favorite classes during my Master's program was LIS 61095 User & Task Analysis for Interface Design, where we learned a variety of user research techniques. These files were created for that course.

News (journalism) Undergraduate program

New Media in the Newsroom (PDF)
Tablet edition first version (PDF)
Tablet edition second version (PDF)
My Senior Honors Thesis, "New Media in the Newsroom," was an extensive look at the changes facing the newspaper industry, and the opportunities newspapers had within new media formats. It included producing tablet editions of the student newspaper, the Daily Kent Stater.